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Just Released!

My new workbook is now available! This workbook
is all about supporting the
emotional journey of a betrayed individual during divorce. To purchase a copy, click the button below!

Betrayal Trauma and Divorce Group
Not a Casserole Widow™:
Betrayal Trauma and Divorce Course

Get your first look at my new workbook! We will go through each chapter, exploring emotions you encounter during your process of divorcing while recovering from betrayal trauma.

You will have plenty of worksheets, homework, and even some coloring options!

Come prepared to meet other women who really "get you"!

This 10-week class offers my unique curriculum designed to inspire you to recognize boundaries and maintain them, manage triggers, figure out what keeps you stuck and of course, explore the variety of unique emotional responses you encounter during divorce. 


Remember: You are your strongest advocate. Take this time to prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime. You are worth it!!


Choose from 2 options: 

Monday evenings, beginning September 9, from 8-9:30pm EST.


Thursday mornings, beginning September 12 from 10:30-12pm EST.


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This workbook is like having a trauma-informed divorce coach on speed dial in the middle of the night! From its opening pages and throughout every chapter, Kim vividly articulates the challenges faced by survivors of betrayal-related divorce. Through the crucial bedrock of validating practical emotional acuity, Kim tenderly invites readers to redefine themselves and their proverbial “widowhood," by introducing an updated vocabulary saturated with insight, intuition and empowerment. For anyone along the trajectory of healing from a relationship that didn’t survive betrayal, consider making this workbook your new best friend. You’ll be glad you did.

About the book
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I want to hear from you! Please submit a recipe that is special to you. Your gift will help others who have experienced betrayal feel hugged and loved on.

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